The extensive cinema component of the Todd Collection is divided into the following categories, with links to finding aids provided for each: Screenplays [21KB PDF] The term “screenplay,” used loosely in this description, includes everything from teleplays to cutting continuities and dialogue transcripts.

Film Stills and Off-Camera Images [109KB PDF] Perhaps most interesting among the film stills and off-camera shots is Vivien Leigh’s photograph album [20KB PDF] from the filming of The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone and an enormous collection of over 750 images [194KB PDF] documenting her involvement in the 1951 Warner Bros. film version of A Streetcar Named Desire. The Vivien Leigh material was acquired from the Vivien Leigh estate at a 1994 Sotheby’s auction. There are stills and off-camera shots for almost every major film version of Williams’s work, including a collection of over 700 images from the filming of the 1959 United Artists version of The Fugitive Kind.

Promotional Posters [32KB PDF] and Lobby Cards [55KB PDF] A substantial collection of promotional posters and lobby cards provides an impressive visual element to the Todd Collection and has proven useful for exhibition purposes.

Press Books [15KB PDF] The press books are an excellent source of information, not only about the productions and those involved with them, but also about the publicity campaigns. Intended, in part, to be a catalog of available promotional materials for use by theater owners, the press books have helped THNOC expand its collection of posters and lobby cards.

Soundtracks [19KB PDF] and Signet Paperback Books [25KB PDF] Rounding out the cinema component of the Todd Collection are soundtracks issued in association with the films and Signet paperback books that were marketed along with the films.