In 1995 The Collection mounted an exhibition entitled The Last Frontier of Bohemia: Tennessee Williams in New Orleans. Focused on Williams’s introduction to New Orleans in the winter of 1938–39, the exhibition was curated by Kathy Henderson of the University of Texas, with the assistance of Wendy Bowersock and David Dibble. While it drew almost exclusively from the enormous Williams archive at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, the exhibition did much to reaffirm, for The Collection, Williams’s association with New Orleans and with its buildings in particular. The exhibit was timed to coincide with the annual Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival.

In the spring of 2002, a selection of manuscripts, photographs, and memorabilia from the Fred W. Todd Tennessee Williams Collection were showcased in an exhibition documenting the evolution and various productions of Sweet Bird of Youth. View the checklist of the materials displayed at the Williams Research Center, February 7–April 13, 2008.

Two years later, another Williams Research Center exhibition explored the production history of The Glass Menagerie, while examining the real events that inspired the play and the effect that its tremendous success had on Williams’s life. View the checklist of materials displayed in Reflections on "The Glass Menagerie."