From King Creole to A Streetcar Named Desire to The Princess and the Frog, Louisiana and its characters have played a starring role throughout cinematic history. Join The Historic New Orleans Collection for a new social-media-driven series called #NolaMovieNight—a group rewatch of a New Orleans-set (or New Orleans-shot) film. Our staff experts will be joined by guest rewatchers to provide historical context, location-spotting, behind-the-scenes tidbits, accent critiques, and lots of participatory fun. 

THNOC has long documented Louisiana's star-studded history with film both in exhibitions and through its holdings. #NolaMovieNight offers an opportunity for film lovers (and critics) to gather virtually to share thoughts and observations about various titles from the rich Louisiana filmography. 

Here’s how to participate: 

1. Follow @visit_thnoc on Twitter. (Engaging on Twitter will provide the best experience, but if you don't have a Twitter account, you can follow our updates below.)  

2. Obtain the selected movie or cue up your DVD copy. We’ll provide streaming options. 

3. Watch the @visit_thnoc Twitter feed for the signal to press “play” at the designated time (Central time zone). That’s when we all start watching together. (Spoiler alert: The signal to press “play” will be a tweet containing the words “Press play!”) 

4. Enjoy the film and prepare to learn something new with us. 

5. Follow the comments of other watchers by searching Twitter for #NolaMovieNight and tapping “latest” atop your feed.  

6. Join the conversation! Use the hashtag #NolaMovieNight to share your memories of the film with us, or fire up your best Twitter rewatch commentary.  

Next showing: Lost Bayou | Tuesday, November 24 | Press play at 7 p.m.

Join us Tuesday, November 24th, for a #NolaMovieNight group watch of the 2019 film Lost Bayou. Set in the lush, languid Atchafalaya Basin, Lost Bayou is the story of a drug-addicted woman returning home at the request of her faith-healer father. Upon her return, however, she discovers her father is hiding a secret aboard his houseboat. Find places to stream Lost Bayou here, or cue up your own copy. We will “Press Play” at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, November 24.

To learn more about the life, land, and culture of this region, check out our newest exhibition Cajun Document: Acadiana, 1973-74.  You can view the exhibition online or in person at 520 Royal Street.  Reserve your free ticket here.