New Orleans Bracket Bash: Music Madness Edition

New Orleans Bracket Bash

Welcome to the New Orleans Bracket Bash, where New Orleans’s cultural touchstones—songs, movies, food, buildings, characters from history—come to meet and compete. Vote in each round, and follow your favorites through the bracket until a champion emerges from the pack. Check The Historic New Orleans Collection's social media feeds to get announcements for each new bracket as well as competition updates and historical “competitor” spotlights as each tournament progresses.

Previous Brackets:

Music Madness
Film Favorites Edition

Portrait Challenge Edition​

Will you be stuck at home, social distancing, this Halloween? Is your costume closet withering away? Put your creativity to work and join THNOC online this October in re-creating your favorite portrait from our collection! We’ve selected 20 portraits for you to choose from, and we want to see your best imitations. This challenge is open to all ages and we encourage you to get creative with household items as props and costumes!

The bracket will begin on Monday, October 26, and the finalists will go head-to-head on Friday the 30th. On Halloween, the winning photo will be shared on THNOC social media and the winner will receive a high-quality reproduction of the portrait from The Shop at the Collection.

Take your favorite portrait home! To purchase your own copy of your favorite THNOC portrait from the bracket list, head on over to The Shop at The Collection’s Request a Print page