We Are Historians Oral History Project

With so many of us at home with family members during the COVID-19 outbreak, now is a great time for history fans of all ages to collect and preserve the stories of their community. We invite you to join THNOC’s oral history brigade!  


Interactive Lesson Plans

These original lesson plans, created by THNOC’s education staff, encourage students to engage their critical thinking skills while investigating primary sources. Each interactive lesson plan contains multimedia components and links to resources outside THNOC.

TriPod History Podcast

Produced for New Orleans’s 300th anniversary, Tripod is the podcast devoted to the untold histories of the Crescent City.

Virtual Exhibitions

Browse virtual experiences based on some of THNOC’s most popular exhibitions. With stories, images, and music, these displays are fully accessible online.


Bite-sized entries look at some of the favorite archival objects of THNOC staff members, students, and volunteers. The descriptions demonstrate the diversity of perspectives on what makes historical objects important to members of our community.


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