Tennessee Williams Collection Accession number 2000-33-L

In 2000 The Collection acquired 16 of the 44 lots of Tennessee Williams materials being auctioned at Neal Auction Company in New Orleans. According to the auction house, the items were being sold by a rare book and manuscripts dealer from Thibodaux, Louisiana, who had acquired them from someone who had found them in the garbage outside of one of Williams’s French Quarter apartments. A complete list of this material can be found in Neal Auction Company’s Spring Estates Auction Catalog for April 8 and 9, 2000. The lots were sold to a number of private and institutional collectors.

Folder 1: Presentation or Masque of Roses, typewritten manuscript play with revisions. Also included is an outline of The Spinning Song. 38 pages. Undated. 1 item.

Folder 2: Blue Mountain, Mississippi (A Group of Southern Sketches), typewritten manuscript play fragment with revisions and notes. 8 pages. Undated. 1 item.

Folder 3: Initial of Eros, multiple typewritten versions of a manuscript poem with revisions and notes. 30 pages. March 1945. 1 item.

Folder 4: The Christus of Guadalajara, typewritten manuscript poem. Also included is a photocopy of a published version and a telegram to Tennessee Williams from Margo Jones. 6 pages. Manuscript dated July 1945; Telegram dated March 18, 1947. 3 items.

Folder 5: The Good Time House, typewritten manuscript play, with revisions. Material is out of order. 60 pages. Undated. 1 item.

Folder 6: A Streetcar Named Desire, typewritten manuscript play fragment. 10 pages. Undated. 1 item.

Folder 7: Audrey Wood Telegram to Tennessee Williams. Wood informs Williams that the rights to The Glass Menagerie have been purchased by the Charles K. Feldman Group. Also included is a clipping about the sale of the rights. 2 items. Telegram dated October 16, 1946. 2 items.

Folder 8: Royalty Statement from Random House in account with Liebling Wood Agents for Tennessee Williams regarding The Glass Menagerie. Includes official statement, a note from Audrey Wood, and the envelope. January 10, 1946. 3 items.

Folder 9: Provisional Film Story Treatment of The Gentleman Caller. The treatment describes how the play might be turned into a movie. Also includes fragments of the play. 33 pages. Undated. 2 items.

Folder 10: Audrey Wood Letter to Tennessee Williams. This letter is discussing the potential sale of the motion picture rights to The Glass Menagerie and that all communication should be channeled through her. She also discusses the publication rights and the possibility of the play being on the radio. TLS, 2 pages. February 15, 1945. 1 item.

Folder 11: Letter to Tennessee Williams from Maria [?]. The letter discusses the possibility of Williams taking a bow in front of an audience and Maria’s love of Paris, where Williams resided at the time. ALS, 2 pages. July 22, [?]. 1 item. Folder 12: Children Star in Cinemas for Children, typewritten manuscript poem with revisions and notes. 10 pages. Undated. 1 item.

Folder 13: The Interval, multiple typewritten versions of a manuscript short story with revisions. 5 and 6 pp. Undated. 2 items.

Folder 14: Margaret Mayorga Letter to Audrey Wood. Margaret attempts to explain the changes she had previously suggested for Williams's play Cotton. TLS, 1 page. November 30, 1944. 1 item.

Folder 15: Opening Sequence Proposed for Film Script, annotated typewritten manuscript, 4 pp. and fragment of a copy, 2pp.; 2 carbon copies of a later revised manuscript, 4pp. each. Undated. 4 items.

Folder 16: Fish in the Sky, annotated typewritten manuscript, 14 pages. Undated. 1 item.