Upcoming Educator Workshops 

Our summer 2021 educator workshops will explore topics related to THNOC's recently published graphic history Monumental: Oscar Dunn and His Radical Fight in Reconstruction LouisianaMonumental follows Oscar Dunn, a New Orleanian born into slavery who became America’s first Black lieutenant governor and acting governor, and his fight for radical change in post-Civil War Louisiana. Graphic histories—nonfiction, illustrated books that explore historical topics in the style of a graphic novel—provide a fantastic opportunity to integrate primary sources into the classroom while engaging students with vibrant graphics and a dynamic narrative.

These free programs, open to all educators, will give teachers tools to engage students with the complex history of Reconstruction, the life and legacy of Oscar Dunn, the basics of historiography, and more. Each workshop will include at least one tangible takeaway like a handout, worksheet, or zip drive. Additionally, educators who attend at least one workshop will be eligible to apply for classroom copies of Monumental. Preference for the classroom copies will be given to middle and high school teachers in Louisiana. 

Please note - we will be recording these programs to make them available to educators in the future. If you do not wish to have your video and/or audio recorded as part of this program, you can keep your video turned off and stay muted. We will have the chat and Q&A functions enabled for anyone who would prefer to not use their audio and video. 

Contact THNOC's education staff at education@hnoc.org with any questions. 


  • Creating Monumental
    • Monday June 21 @ 2pm CT
    • This program will show how primary sources informed the storyline, illustrations, and details in the graphic history. Participants will also learn how to make and use DIY graphic histories and graphic novels with their students. 
    • Click here to register for Creating Monumental


  • Rediscovering Oscar Dunn
    • Monday June 28 @ 2pm CT 
    • This program will introduce participants to historiography and show how creating/considering historiographies can be a great tool in developing critical thinking skills. We’ll share ideas for using historiographies with students, suggestions for activities and projects, and our favorite historiography resources. 
    • Click here to register for Rediscovering Oscar Dunn

  • Teaching with Graphic Histories


  • Mapping Monumental
    • Monday July 26 @ 2pm CT
    • Through this program, participants will be trained in how to use Google Earth mapping to provide history instruction. They will use an annotated timeline, virtual walking videos, and images within THNOC to create a unique history experience using Google Earth. Participants will receive a zip drive with a Google Earth demo, plus historic images and primary sources from THNOC's archive.
    • Click here to register for Mapping Monumental


Sample pages from Monumental




Past Educator Workshops 


Past Family Programs 

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