Andrew Jackson: Hero of New Orleans

For many, Andrew Jackson is a figure from a remote past—a portrait on a twenty-dollar bill, a statue in an old city square, a lyric in a Johnny Horton song. Yet Jackson was the nineteenth-century equivalent of a rock star, one of the United States’ most famous heroes, as well as one of its most polarizing figures.

In late 2014, The Historic New Orleans Collection presented a retrospective look at this American icon on the occasion of the bicentennial of his famous victory at the Battle of New Orleans. Lenders included Andrew Jackson's Hermitage, the Tennessee State Museum, and the Gilcrease Museum, among others. This virtual version recreates most of that exhibition and brings together original manuscript documents, prints, artworks, and objects, with an emphasis on our own collection's holdings as well as those of public collections such as the Library of Congress and the National Archives and Records Administration. 

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