Many factors are involved in selecting the most appropriate and effective method of charitable giving. Knowledge of the different options is essential to making an informed decision. In addition to supporting charitable organizations, planned giving presents several possible benefits:

• bypassing capital gains taxes
• reducing current income taxes
• reducing federal estate taxes
• increasing current income
• conserving future assets for heirs


Williams Society

Named for Leila and Kemper Williams, the founders of The Historic New Orleans Collection, the Williams Society honors those individuals who have included The Collection in their estate plans. Like the Williamses, members of the Society create a lasting legacy by helping document and promote the unique history and culture of New Orleans and the Gulf South. Should you decide to include The Collection in your estate plan or have already done so, your gift will be honored with an acknowledgment of your membership in the Williams Society. You may, of course, elect not to be recognized and remain anonymous.

Sample Bequest Language (to be reviewed by your attorney):
"I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to The Historic New Orleans Collection, 533 Royal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, ____ percent of my net residuary estate (or the sum of $____, or the rest and residue of my estate after payment of the foregoing bequests). This is an unrestricted gift and may be used to further the mission of The Historic New Orleans Collection."

Upon request, we are pleased to provide the necessary tax exemption letter to your attorney or financial advisor.

For more information, The Historic New Orleans Collection offers the booklet Giving Through Your Will free of charge. For a copy of the booklet or additional information regarding the Williams Society, or if you have already included The Collection in your estate plan, please contact Lily Stanford at (504) 598-7155.


Gifts of Securities

Many donors find that a gift of appreciated stock is the most advantageous contribution because they receive a tax deduction based on the full market value of the shares, without realizing capital gains when the stock is sold by The Collection. Please contact the Office of Development and Community Relations at (504) 598-7173 to learn how to make your transfer.