The Archive of the Indies and Louisiana: An Enduring Legacy 2015
Guadalupe Fernández Morente


Louis Moreau Gottschalk and the Spanish World 2014
Performance by pianist Peter Collins and soprano Amy Pfrimmer


The Fountains of Bimini 2013
Performance by La Folía, presented by THNOC and Acción Cultual Española with support from the Consulate General of Spain – Houston, Gobierno de España, and Spain: Arts & Culture

Bouligny Lecture series, presented in conjunction with the exhibition The Threads of Memory: Spain and the United States 2011

Family Geographies: Free People of Color in Spanish Colonial New Orleans
Emily Clark


Spain and the Independence of the United States: An Intrinsic Gift
Thomas E. Chávez

The European Mapping of the Gulf of Mexico and the Greater Southwest, 1492–1750
Dennis Reinhartz

Following the Paper Trail: The Daily Life of a Spanish Colonial Document
Alfred E. Lemmon

Smoking Other Men’s Pipes: Gayoso’s Negotiations at Nogales, 1793 / 2008
Patricia Galloway

Frenchmen under Spanish Rule 2007
Douglas Chambers

Revolt and Reconciliation in Early Hispañola: Enrique and the First Treaty in the Americas 2005–06
Ida Altman

We Were Human Too: The Private Lives of Public Figures in Spanish Colonial Louisiana 2004
Light T. Cummins

The Grandeur of Spain 2003
Mercedes González Amezúa