The Life and Music of New Orleans Legend George Lewis (2018)

Dr. Michael White, with performances by his band


A Tribute to John Robichaux (2017)

The New John Robichaux Society Orchestra, led by Tom Hook and Wendell Brunious, and the Louisiane Vintage Dancers


100 Years of New Orleans String Bands (1849–1949) 2016

Seva Venet and the Storyville Stringband of New Orleans


The Golden Age of New Orleans Brass Bands 2015

Barry Martyn, with performances by the Society Brass Band


The Boswell Sisters: Pioneers of American Popular Music 2014

Kyla Titus, with performances by the Pfister Sisters


Scenes from “Treemonisha” 2013

OperaCréole, with pianists Wilfred Delphin and Samuel Liégeon, narrated by Walter Harris Jr.


Reflections of Bechet, a New Orleans Jazz Original: The Man and the Music 2012

Bruce Boyd Raeburn, with additional commentary and performances by the New Orleans Jazzman Band, featuring Jerry Embree, Frankie Lynne, Barry Martyn, and Mark Brooks


Ragtime’s Roots and Revival: How a New Orleans–Based Orchestra Gave New Life to the Works of Early Ragtime Composers 2011

Tom Sancton and Lars Edegran and the New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra


The Musical Legacy of George Lewis 2010

Bruce Boyd Raeburn, Barry Martyn, and Nick Gagliano, with performances by Tom Sancton, Frankie Lynne, and Barry Martyn


Louis Armstrong’s New Orleans 2009

Thomas Brothers with Clive Wilson and Butch Thompson


Jazz on the Mississippi to 1945 / 2008

William Howland Kenney


Les Amis du Jazz: William Russell, Fred Ramsey, Hugues Panassié, Charles Delaunay, and the Revival of New Orleans Jazz, 1938–1949 / 2007

Bruce Boyd Raeburn, with Tom McDermott and Evan Christopher


The Soul of a Jazzman: Jelly Roll Morton’s Last Years 2006

Bob Greene


Celebrating a Jazz Master’s Centennial 2005

Bruce Boyd Raeburn with William Wagner, Tom McDermott, Barry Martyn, and Don Gillespie


God’s Music: Shall We Gather at the River 2004

Jay Weigel, with Phillip Manuel, Ellen Frohnmayer, Leah Chase, Reverend Lois Dejean and her gospel choir, and chamber musicians


“Old New Orleans Blues”: Bill Russell and “Fess” Manetta 2003

Butch Thompson


Jelly Roll Morton’s Piano Music: The Known and Unknown 2002

James Dapogny


Drumming New Orleans Style 2001

Barry Martyn, with Bruce Boyd Raeburn


Millennial Reflections on the Impact of Jelly Roll Morton 2000

Michael White