Another type of chromogenic print is a digital Type-C, or C-print. In this process, a silver-based paper is exposed to a digital file using a continuous tone printer, such as a Lightjet, Durst Lambda, or Chromira. The file can be either an original digital photographic file or one created from an analog original. The printer uses red, green, and blue lasers to expose the paper. The image is then developed using the wet-process system. A well-known and respected brand of C-print paper is Fuji Crystal Archive.

6328 North Miro Street
chromogenic digital Type-C print; 2005
by Robert Polidori
The Historic New Orleans Collection, 2008.0090.2

New Orleans Athletic Club
chromogenic digital Type-C print; 1995
by William K. Greiner
The Historic New Orleans Collection, 1997.115.4