Tennessee Williams Annual Review 2014

Number 14

The Historic New Orleans Collection 2014
softcover • 6" × 9" • 132 pp.
5 color images
ISSN 1097-6035

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With the release of the 2014 Tennessee Williams Annual Review, The Collection celebrates its 10th year of collaboration with Middle Tennessee State University and an international network of Williams scholars. Founded by Professor Robert Bray of MTSU, the Review is the only regularly published journal dedicated to the work of this preeminent American playwright.

Featured on the cover of this year’s journal is a movie still from THNOC’s extensive Fred J. Todd Tennessee Williams Collection that captures Elizabeth Taylor in the 1959 hit Suddenly, Last Summer. The image complements an essay by Irene Morra (Cardiff University, Wales) on the 1958 play that inspired the movie. Cinematic adaptations are the subject of another essay in the journal, by R. Barton Palmer (Clemson University), coauthor with Bray of Hollywood’s Tennessee: The Williams Films and Postwar America. Best known as a dramatist, Williams was also a prolific author of short fiction, as analyzed in TWAR pieces by Laura Torres Zúñiga (University of Granada, Spain) and Jacqueline O’Connor (Boise State University). Two other essays take a closer look at the method behind Williams’s masterworks: Sophie Maruéjoules-Koch (University of Lorraine, France) compares his plays to Jackson Pollock’s canvases, while Alexander Pettit (University of North Texas) traces the multistage evolution of the darkly comic Kingdom of Earth.

In addition to scholarly works, the journal includes a theater review by Bess Rowen (City University of New York) and an assessment of the playwright’s engagement with Cold War politics, as transcribed from a panel discussion at the 2013 Tennessee Williams Scholars Conference.