George L. Viavant

Artist of the Hunt

George E. Jordan

THNOC 2003; 2nd printing 2015
hardcover • 8" × 9½" • 128 pp.
65 color images, 19 b/w images
ISBN 978-0-917860-48-5

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Inspired by the bayous, marshes, and lagoons of southern Louisiana, artist George Louis Viavant (1872–1925) produced exquisitely detailed paintings of the birds, fish, and small game that he knew so well from years spent hunting on his family’s property just outside New Orleans. Featuring full-color reproductions of numerous works, this illustrated biography, now in its second printing, relates the story of a man whose work won acclaim in Louisiana and beyond.

Author George E. Jordan, using the extensive collection of Viavant family papers in the holdings of The Historic New Orleans Collection, has crafted a history of the Viavant family and of the complex life of an “artist of the hunt.” The inclusion of Viavant’s personal correspondence, including letters to and from patrons and regarding his work, adds intimacy to the historical tale and allows us a glimpse into the workings of the artist’s mind.