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These narratives were compiled from interviews conducted by the Neighborhood Story Project, a collaborative ethnography organization in partnership with the University of New Orleans, for The Historic New Orleans Collection. The interviews were done in connection to THNOC's 2021 exhibition "Dancing In The Streets" and included more than 30 club founders, presidents, and longtime members of African American Social and pleasure clubs and benevolent associations. Cultural anthropologist Rachel Breunlin worked with the interviewees to develop the narratives and select accompanying images from photographers throughout the city that are important to the organizations. Told in the voices of the interviewees themselves, these stories shed new light on the lineages of parading organizations and the neighborhood traditions and practices of second-line parades. Click on the links below to explore the narratives. The images on this introductory page are by and courtesy of Pableaux Johnson, MJ Mastrogiovanni, and Freddye Hill.

  • Raynold Fenelon, Good Fellas

    Good Fellas

  • Norman Dixon Jr., Young Men Olympian Jr.

    Young Men Olympian Jr.

  • Waldorf “Gip” Gipson III, Furious Five

    Furious Five

  • Derrick Santa Cruz; Jazz Henry; Jeremy Horn

    Footwerk Family

  • Joe Stern, Prince of Wales

    Prince of Wales

  • Fred Johnson, Black Men of Labor

    Black Men of Labor

  • Bernard Robertson, Sudan


  • Cheryl Ann Roberts, Versatile Ladies of Style

    Versatile Ladies of Style

  • Tyrone "Pie" Stevenson, Spirit 2 Da Street

    Spirit 2 Da Street

  • Gerald Platenburg, Nine Times

    Nine Times

  • Linda Tapp Porter, Lady Buckjumpers

    Lady Buckjumpers

  • Byron Hogans and Rene "Mr. Bang Bang" Reynolds, Dumaine Street Gang

    Dumaine Street Gang

  • Troy Materre and Mark Lewis, ? Mark

    ? Mark

  • Robert Starks, Big Nine

    Big Nine

  • Walter 'Poppa' Carter, The Lower Ninth Ward Steppers

    The Lower Ninth Ward Steppers

  • Creola “Jackie” Moon; Shelia Gibson; Gregg Stafford

    Lady Jetsetters

  • Antoinette and Kevin Devezin, Undefeated Divas, Gents and Kids

    Undefeated Divas, Gents and Kids

  • Derrick "Charlie Brown" Walker; Sean Martin

    Treme Sidewalk Steppers

  • Andrew Johnson, CTC Steppers

    CTC Steppers

  • Tamara Jackson Snowden, VIP Ladies & Kids

    VIP Ladies & Kids

  • Perry Franklin - Keep'N It Real

    Keep'N It Real

  • Joseph "Joe Black" Baker, The Revolution

    The Revolution

  • Joe Henry, Pigeon Town Steppers

    Pigeon Town Steppers

  • Darryl Press, Ole & Nu Style Fellas

    Ole & Nu Style Fellas

  • David Rayford, Chosen Few

    Chosen Few

  • Angelina Sever, Divine Ladies

    Divine Ladies

  • Jarrett Johnson; Ada Robertson; Lois Nelson; Kasey Batiste - Money Wasters

    Money Wasters

  • Ezell “Moe” Hines Jr.; Terrance “Buck” Fields; Tammy Hines - The Uptown Swingers

    The Uptown Swingers