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The Historic New Orleans Collection’s exhibition center at 520 Royal Street includes a museum café. Café Cour, run by Dana and Christina Honn, who also own Carmo, is named for the famous Seignouret-Brulatour Courtyard, where the café is located.

The menu reflects the Honns’ commitment to local ingredients, showcases the region’s multi-cultural culinary influences and offers gluten-free, vegetarian, pescatarian, and vegan options.

Open Tuesday–Sunday, Café Cour follows the same schedule as the museum, affording a taste of New Orleans culture among the free exhibitions exploring its cultural influences. As an added benefit, THNOC members save 10 percent on all purchases at Café Cour. Simply present your museum ticket to receive your discount.

Phone number: (504) 356-8905

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About Café Cour from Dana and Christina Honn

Our Producers
From Anna Marie Seafood’s shrimp and fish to Veggie Farmers Coop’s produce and Bellegarde Bakery’s baguette, we’re only as good as the ingredients we serve. That’s why Café Cour is committed to working only with the region’s top producers. Over the past nine years, one of the most common comments we’ve received at Carmo is how flavorful the food is and how good people feel after eating it. Superior ingredients equals superior flavor and, ultimately, nutrition. At Café Cour we’re continuing the tradition of presenting diners with only the very best local ingredients.


Sustainability is Sustain-Ability
Without sustainability, Café Cour just wouldn’t work. As with Carmo, beginning on day one, good, clean and fair food and business practices are woven into our market basket. That means everything from food sourcing to the compostable to go containers (including the straws!), eco-friendly cleaners, ethical labor practices, and recycling and composting is part of who we are. True, some of these things cost us a little more, but we don’t see profit at the expense of our children’s future to be an option. It allows us to build a community of people who care, from the producer to the cook to the server to you, who we hope will taste the noticeable difference that a natural, sustainable approach to food can make.


Food with History
At Café Cour, we are honored to have the opportunity to serve food and drink at The Historic New Orleans Collection’s new exhibition center at 520 Royal Street. Presenting the stories, narratives, history of local and regional foodways is a fundamental part of what we do. Without an understanding of where our food and drink traditions come from, we have little chance of preserving what is essential about them. Cour offers traditional New Orleans and regional cuisine, and we look back to the multi-cultural influences that led where we are now. Foodways of West Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and Asia come together not as a fusion, but more in a diverse pot-luck of traditional dishes at the courtyard table, many of which seem familiar because of their direct lineage to contemporary New Orleans or regional dishes, and others because they may have been represented in New Orleans’ past. Whatever the connection, we serve this food with the hope it will satisfy your tastebuds and possibly ignite your curiosity about who “we” are as a community, where we all come from, as well as where we and our food are headed.