The Collins C. Diboll Vieux Carré Survey - a project of The Historic New Orleans Collection
1140 Royal St.
Square: 50 Lot Number: 22782-30


Vieux Carré Commission Evaluation:

Old rating: main building -- blue; rear building (Gov. Nicholls) -- brown; new rating: main building -- blue; rear building -- yellow. This impressive mansion, known as the Lalaurie or Haunted house, actually is not the same building that the infamous Madame Lalaurie inhabited. When she acquired the property in 1831 from Edmond Soniat Dufossat, it was already under construction and was then finished for Madame Lalaurie. Its original appearance was similar to the Soniat House at 1133-35 Chartres or to the Hermann-Grima House at 820 St. Louis. When the fire burned it during the ownership of Madame Lalaurie, there was probably little left. It was then rebuilt by Pierre Trastour, c. 1837-38 and assumed the appearance that it has today. The dwelling had a third floor and rear building added later in the 19th century and the rear building on Gov. Nicholls Street, which had only one floor until a second one was added in the 20th century, was remodeled in the 1970s when the second floor interior of the building was done over by Koch and Wilson, architects.

Portion of Building: Service building Material: Masonry
     • Note: partially of Wood

Portion of Building: Main Material: Masonry


Dimensions (Dimensions run CCW)
Frontage: 46' 10" 0'''
Side 2: 90' 0" 0'''
Side 3: 46' 10" 0'''
Side 4: 90' 0" 0'''


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