1926 Surrey Calendar with appendices


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A Guide to French Louisiana Manuscripts: An expanded and revised edition of the 1926 Surrey Calendar with Appendices is an electronic version of Nancy Miller Surrey’s Calendar of Manuscripts in Paris Archives and Libraries Relating to the History of the Mississippi Valley to 1803 (Carnegie Institute of Washington, Department of Historical Research, Washington, 1926).  Designed to assist researchers studying French colonial Louisiana, the guide not only details documents concerning the French experience in the Mississippi Valley in Paris repositories described in the 1926 publication, but also appropriate materials found throughout France. Unlike the original publication, which presented the documents in strictly chronological order, this version can be searched by the author’s name, the recipient’s name, the position of both the author and recipient, the type of document, repository, place, date, and keyword.  Additionally, there are links to French institutions containing Louisiana materials, North American institutions holding French Louisiana materials, and related electronic resources.

Dr. Alfred E. Lemmon
Director, Williams Research Center of
The Historic New Orleans Collection

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