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  • Alfred E. Lemmon
  • Gilles-Antoine Langlois
  • Howard Margot
  • Jean-Marc Duplantier
  • Steve Sweet
  • Kent Woynowski

Center for Louisiana Studies at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette

  • Carl Brasseaux
  • Linda Garber
  • Mark O'Bannon

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The administration of The Historic New Orleans Collection would like to thank the École nationale des chartes for the assistance provided by its student interns and their professors in the creation of this website and related finding aids.

This project was realized within the framework of the co-operative agreement established between the two institutions.

This website was designed as part of the Master's degree « Technologies numériques appliquées à l'histoire » (Digital technologies applied to history) by Pauline Charbonnier, under the direction of instructor Florence Clavaud and librarian Guillaume Hatt.

The archivist-paleographer students listed below, under the direction of Professor Christine Nougaret, contributed their time to the processing of, and creation of finding aids for, related Louisiana and French-language collections:

  • Louis Jaubertie - Summer 2008
  • Aurore Cartier - Summer 2009
  • Marion Bernard - Summer 2010
  • Pauline Gendry - Summer 2010
  • Pauline Antonini - Summer 2011
  • Raphaëlle Lapotre - Summer 2011
  • Philippe Schneider - Summer 2012
  • Ariane Bouchard - Summer 2012