Louisiana’s varied and distinctive cuisines present endless possibilities for researchers. THNOC periodically offers culinary symposia that explore the history of a particular dish and its place in our culture. Featuring noted historians and practitioners, these symposia present a wealth of information about what we eat and how these foods entered and developed in our region’s kitchens.

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2023 Food Forum: Pig Tales

Saturday, November 4, 2023
Williams Research Center, 410 Chartres Street

Our 2023 Food Forum will explore the history, cuisine, and cultural place of pork, culminating with a reception of seven chefs renowned regional chefs reinterpreting a traditional Acadiana boucherie. 

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Past Food Forums

Celebrating the Seasons  2021–22

Pulp Facts: Celebrating Citrus! 2018

Jessica B. Harris, Pierre Laszlo, Jeremy Lee, Donald Sloan, Justin Nystrom, Jane Levi, Lake Douglas, Jonathan Beitler, Rick Ellis, Elizabeth Pearce


Rum, Rhum, Ron! A History of Rum in the New World 2016

Jessica B. Harris, Ed Hamilton, Dr. Henry Peltier, Elizabeth Pearce, Nick Detrich, Abigail Gullo, Shannon Mustipher, Tiffanie Barriere, Rosie Schaap


Marketing New Orleans: 300 Years of Making Groceries in the Crescent City 2015

Jessica B. Harris, Queens College/CUNY; Elisa Munoz, French Market Corporation; Kimisha Sawyers, Market Umbrella; Simone Reggie, Good Eggs


From Dancing Goats to Green Mermaids: Coffee and New Orleans 2014

Jessica B. Harris, Mark Pendergrast, Patrick J. Dunne, John T. Edge, Lolis Eric Elie, Poppy Tooker, and Barry Himel


Creole Sweet: The Praline and Its World 2012

Jessica B. Harris, Patrick J. Dunne, Rosa María González Lamas, MM Pack, Michelle Rousseaus, Fany Gerson, Charles J. Graham, Poppy Tooker, Zena Ezeb, Kenny Stokes, Pat McDonald Fowler, Elizabeth Williams, Susan Tucker, Nicole A. Taylor, Chanda M. Nunez, Rien Fertel


Beans and Rice: A Culinary and Cultural Odyssey 2010

Jessica B. Harris, Judith Carney, Maricel Presilla, Myron M. Beasley, Patricia L. Wilson, John Martin Taylor, Kevin McCaffrey, Connelly Hayward, José Batres, Donald Link, Daphne Derven