NOLA Resistance: The Civil Rights Movement in New Orleans

NOLA Resistance is a collaborative initiative, led by The Historic New Orleans Collection, to preserve and share stories from the New Orleans Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s–70s. As such, it owes its existence to the work, knowledge, and efforts of many people and organizations who supported and participated in its production. As leaders of the collaboration, we at The Historic New Orleans Collection would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who contributed.

Contributing Organizations

The TEP Center
National Park Service
Amistad Research Center
New Orleans Public Library
Loyola University of New Orleans
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Louisiana Public Broadcasting
Louisiana State Archives
Library of Congress
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Civil Rights Movement Archive

Special thanks to our community partner

TEP Center - Tate, Etienne and Prevost - Lower Ninth Ward + New Orleans


Special thanks to all of the NOLA Resistance participants that donated an oral history and/or participated in a design workshop for The Trail They Blazed.

Wayne Baquet, Nyra Becnel, Willie Melvin Birch, Inez Hale Cassimere, Raphael Cassimere Jr., Betty Daniels, David J. Dennis, Gail Etiénne-Stripling, Norman Francis, Marie Ortiz Galatas, Robert Heller, Don Hubbard, Chakula Cha Jua, Robert Hilary King, Carol L. Lamotte, Vera Landry, Margaret Leonard, Edwin A. Lombard, Ronnie Malcolm Moore, Katrena Ndang, Malik Rahim, Claude Reese, Sheryl Landry Sissler, Dodie Smith-Simmons, Leona Tate, Pam Foreman Testroet, Jean Denton Thompson, Bruce Waltzer, and Tessie Prevost Williams

Other invaluable contributions came from the following:

Paula Allen
James Alvey
Orissa Arend
Anne Berger
Kysha N. Brown
Kim Coleman
Freddi Evans
Turry Fluker
Chris Fountain
Candice Henderson
Mary Howell
Natalie James
Barbara Lacen Keller
Tremaine Knighten-Riley
Sarah Pharaon
TaJahne Pugh
Jason Rhein and Elephant Quilt Productions
Cameron Mitchell Ware
Jennifer Wellock
THNOC’s Teacher Advisory Council
Student participants in the exhibition design workshops