Derven Scholars

This program honors Daphne L. Derven, whose educational vision and commitment to outreach continues to be an inspiration to staff and students. This program invites applications from student researchers (current high school, undergraduate, and graduate students are all welcome to apply) with an interest in historical research, writing, and education. We’d love to receive applications from

  • high school students who are passionate about history and are interested in exploring work in a museum
  • college students majoring in history, education, and/or museum studies 
  • graduate students seeking paid internship experience to add to their resume
  • students who love working with K-12 audiences

The summer 2021 Derven Scholar(s) will work with THNOC education staff to plan, create, and/or facilitate Virtual Field Trips (learn more about our VFTs here). This internship will be completely remote, so we encourage non-local students to apply if interested. The Derven Scholar internship experience will also include mentorship from education staff and opportunities for informational interviews with THNOC staff in other departments. Typically, the summer internship term runs for 8 weeks between June and August (exact dates will be decided upon by the intern and THNOC staff) and interns will be expected to devote around 10 hours each week to this position. Summer Derven Scholars receive a total stipend of $1500, paid in monthly increments during their term.

Applications for the summer 2021 Derven Scholar internship is now closed. All applicants will be contacted about their status by May 7. 

Questions? Email us at 


Service Learning

Each semester, the education department works with service learning students who are interested in conducting research and creating materials for educators and students. Currently, we work with students from Tulane University’s Center for Public Service and the University of New Orleans. Faculty and staff from other schools who are interested in pursuing an institutional agreement with The Historic New Orleans Collection to establish a service learning program are welcome to contact Jenny Schwartzberg at 504-556-7661.



The Historic New Orleans Collection currently accepts internship applicants from Xavier University of Louisiana, Loyola University New Orleans, LSU. School of Library and Information Science, Tulane University, Southern University at New Orleans, University of New Orleans, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, École nationale des chartes, French Heritage Society, and Institut national du patrimoine. If you are interested in completing an internship with THNOC’s education department, or are interested in pursuing an institutional agreement with THNOC to establish an internship program, please contact Jenny Schwartzberg at 504-556-7661. If you are interested in applying for an internship with THNOC that would focus on areas apart from education, please visit for more information.