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Katrina on the Web + 5

This portal to Hurricane Katrina-related websites was originally produced for City of Hope, an exhibition mounted by The Historic New Orleans Collection in 2006, eleven months after levee failures flooded New Orleans. This updated version, a component of Katrina+5:Documenting Disaster, retains some of the core links featured in City of Hope and adds new content focused on the rebuilding of New Orleans.




Featured Links

Hurricane Katrina Video A Hurricane Katrina video shot by an unknown person from inside the Beau Rivage Hotel parking lot in Biloxi, Mississippi. The video starts calmly and moves to a crescendo as the tidal surge comes ashore.
10 minutes 22 seconds

Diaspora Relocation Map A map from The New York Times depicting where the evacuees from Hurricane Katrina filed for assistance from FEMA. The map shows the distribution of the 1.36 million individual assistance applications as of September 23, 2005, from every state.

HandsOn New Orleans A video produced by HandsOn New Orleans, one of the many volunteer organizations helping to rebuild New Orleans, includes first hand interviews with young volunteers gutting houses and a tour of their crowded lodging arrangements. HandsOn New Orleans has mobilized 17,200 volunteers to provide over 542,000 hours of service to the community since Hurricane Katrina.

Interactive Deluge Timeline An interactive animated timeline graphic of the levee failures which resulted in the deluge of New Orleans. By The Times-Picayune's staff artist Dan Swenson.

Make It Right Frustrated by the slow pace of rebuilding in the Lower Ninth Ward, Brad Pitt set up the non-profit Make It Right Foundation in 2007. As part of Make It Right’s rebuilding initiative, twenty-one architecture firms designed affordable, green houses for returning Lower Ninth residents. The Make It Right website includes video of rebuilding progress, interviews with returning homeowners, and information on building green.

Time-lapse demolition and rebuilding of a Lakeview Cottage It only takes a day for a house to be demolished and carted away, a common occurrence since the levees broke in New Orleans’s Lakeview neighborhood. This movie, courtesy of Ray Broussard of Maritime New Media, captures the demise of Broussard’s flooded home and the subsequent construction of a new modular home.

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