Lesson Objectives

Students will use text and audio excerpts from oral histories, along with contemporary newspaper articles and secondary source material, to examine multiple perspectives on the integration of the McDonogh 19 elementary school in New Orleans.



Handout: Integrating McDonogh 19—Introduction

Handout and Audio Clips: Integrating McDonogh 19—Oral Histories

Handout: Integrating McDonogh 19—Newspaper Clippings

Worksheet: Examining Integrating McDonogh 19



1. Distribute copies of the three handouts. Read "Integrating McDonogh 19—Introduction" as a group, then have students listen to the oral history excerpts from Leona Tate, Tessie Prevost Williams, and Gail Etiénne-Stripling. Have students read “Integrating McDonogh 19—Newspaper Clippings” individually or in small groups. You can also hand out copies of "Integrating McDonogh 19—Oral History Transcripts” as a reference for students.

2. Have students complete the “Examining Integrating McDonogh 19” worksheet individually. After they’re finished, begin a class discussion by allowing students to share their initial reactions, then move into a discussion of the questions on the worksheet.