Cajun soldiers, such as these members of Louisiana National Guard, were invaluable as French-language interpreters during World War II. (Image courtesy of Jason Theriot)

January 13, 2021
7 p.m. Central Time
This is a virtual program, which will take place in Zoom.
Admission is free. Register now through Zoom.
Register now through Zoom

During World War II, young bilingual Cajuns from south Louisiana proved to be invaluable assets to the military as French-language interpreters and translators. In this virtual event, historian Jason Theriot will discuss the Acadian servicemen’s wartime experiences and how that forged a renewed sense of pride in their Cajun culture and heritage. Theriot is the author of the upcoming book, Frenchie, The Story of French Speaking Cajuns of WWII and host of the forthcoming podcast Frenchie, featuring stories from the Cajun WWII veterans themselves. In this virtual event, Theriot will be interviewed by National WWII Museum historian Jason Dawsey and THNOC’s Amanda McFillen on the soldiers’ experience in the war and their return home. Admission is free.   

This program is presented by The Historic New Orleans Collection and The National WWII Museum, in conjunction with THNOC’s book and exhibition Cajun Document: Acadiana, 1973-74. The book is available for purchase from The Shop at The Collection for $45, and proceeds of all copies of Cajun Document sold at The Shop at The Collection will benefit the Community of Southwest Louisiana’s Hurricane Relief and Recovery Fund