August 25, 2021

6:30 p.m. Central Time

This is a virtual program, which will take place in Zoom.

Admission is free. Register now through Zoom.

Register now through Zoom

Keeping a collection of precious objects isn’t easy. But no matter what you’re organizing— family heirlooms, Mardi Gras throws, or vinyl records—there’s only one good place to start: know what you have.

In this virtual workshop, Decorative Arts of the Gulf South (DAGS) research fellows Elizabeth Palms and James Kelleher will bring participants through the first steps of proper documentation, explaining strategies around inventories and photographing precious objects. They will also demonstrate proper object-handling techniques and show participants how to assess the condition of their collections. Moderators Lydia Blackmore and Sarah Duggan, curators of the exhibition Pieces of History: Ten Years of Decorative Arts Fieldwork, will be on hand to discuss collection use and answer questions. 

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