Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, THNOC is suspending its Internship Program's activities until further notice.


The Historic New Orleans Collection Internship Program


The Historic New Orleans Collection (THNOC) is pleased to offer internships. Interns at The Collection benefit from completing professional work assignments, taking advantage of educational opportunities, and immersing themselves in the day-to-day workings of a busy museum, research center, and publisher. The internship program is managed by the internship director, and interns are supervised, mentored, and coached by staff members who ensure that the interns have a solid professional and educational experience.


Types of Internships

Two types of internships are offered at THNOC:

  1. Work in voluntary service internships available to American and international degree candidates from accredited universities, colleges, and academic institutions. The internship must be a requirement for the student’s graduation, and the student’s degree must be within a discipline related to the mission of THNOC. When these voluntary service internships are available, they will be posted on THNOC’s website.
  2. Internships available through institutions with which The Collection has an internship agreement. Currently, these include École nationale des chartes, Institut national du patrimoine, École du Louvre through the French Heritage Society, and Tulane Center for Public Service. Institutions interested in establishing a collaborative internship program with THNOC should submit an inquiry to WRC@hnoc.org, addressed to the attention of the internship director.


What to Expect

It is expected that interns will complete a project during their time at THNOC. In addition to their project, interns will have the opportunity to learn about the entire institution, as well as experience other similar institutions in the New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region and attend seminars/symposiums, events, and exhibitions. The internship enhances the intern’s education in library, archival, and museum sciences; supports the various scholarly, research, and museum programs of the THNOC; and promotes the study of the local and regional culture.

For internships lasting one month, the student will receive one formal evaluation at the end of the project. For internships lasting more than one month, there will be a midpoint progress report and a final evaluation. In addition, the internship director will receive monthly progress reports from the intern’s supervisor. All interns will be required to submit a report upon completion of the program.

Voluntary service internships are unpaid (unless stated otherwise).


Dates and Length of Internships

When they are available, voluntary service internships will occur during the summer (mid-May through July).

Internships offered through institutions with which THNOC has an internship agreement have different dates; students enrolled in these institutions should consult their advisers for more information.


Application Information and Deadlines

Available internships will be posted on THNOC’s website by January 15. Applications must be received by February 15. They will be reviewed by staff members, appropriate department heads, the supervising staff member, and the internship director. The selection criteria will include, but not be limited to, the likelihood of THNOC to benefit from the intern’s qualifications and skills coupled with a project to which THNOC can match such skills. The selection committee will further consider which candidate is more qualified in background and ability, such as fluency in a foreign language when cataloguing non-English collections or training in website development when assisting with THNOC web initiatives. In addition, the committee will consider whether the applicant can complete the project in the period of time designated by the applicant’s degree program and which applicants will provide the most substantive potential for benefit to the recipient as well as to THNOC. Successful candidates will be notified by March 15.

The Historic New Orleans Collection is an equal opportunity employer. THNOC creators, officers, directors, trustees, foundation managers, members of selection committees, or employees, or their relatives, are not eligible to apply.