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The Collins C. Diboll Vieux Carré Digital Survey is an electronic version of the Vieux Carré Survey, housed at The Historic New Orleans Collection since 1966. Created to bolster local historic preservation efforts, the survey is an extensive study of the properties within the French Quarter referencing essential historical, architectural, legal and sociological data on individual lots and structures from the French colonial period to the present. The materials cited are housed in a number of different repositories in the United States and abroad, including The Historic New Orleans Collection. Unlike the original survey, this version can be accessed through various data elements, including property owner.

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628-632 Dumaine

1034-1036 Royal

701 Chartres (Cabildo)

527-533 Royal

1127 French Market (primary address: 1124 Decatur)

VCS Square 39 and 40 bldg. materials color-coded square map

Plan of a Large & Elegant Residence in the Second District (720 St....

400 block Chartres corner St. Louis (Squares 39 & 40)

937-941 Bourbon corner St. Philip

629-633 Governor Nicholls (survey)

Black and Gold Italian Marble Mantle-Piece, Main Drawing Room (Casa Miro,...

Sanborn's Insurance Maps
This project was made possible in part through the generous financial support of the Collins C. Diboll Private Foundation.
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