2014 Speakers


Tom SavageWhat’s New about the Old South

John H. Lawrence — I Know It When I See It: Some Thoughts on Southern Expression in the Arts

Daniel Kurt Ackermann “Who Dat?” Using New Tools in Decorative Arts Research

Ralph Pokluda — Not Just another Pretty Face: Time and Timekeepers in the South

Margaret Beck Pritchard Images of Nature: Natural History of the Early South

Robert Hunter Cheap and Cheerful: The Everyday Ceramics of Early New Orleans, 1780–1840

Estill Curtis Pennington Looking South: An Art Historical Journey

Merikay Waldvogel Southern Civil War Quilt Stories: Fact or Fiction

Stephen Harrison — The Largest Assortment Constantly On-Hand: Furniture in New Orleans, 1840-1900

John T. Magill Artistry of Death: The Cult of Mourning in the 19th-Century South

Laurie Ossman Great Houses of the South