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Learn at your own pace about Louisiana’s history with our free Louisiana History Galleries smart-phone tour. Bring your own smart phone or tablet to the Collection, and watch for this icon in the galleries. We will provide the earphones.

The tour includes a gallery map and video commentary by the History Galleries curators about items on exhibit.

Connect to the free tour at http://thnoc.toursphere.com

Mini-tablets loaded with the tour are also available at the Orientation center.





Discover New Orleans’s past as the "Historic New Orleans" app determines your location and shares photos from the early 1900s through 1950s taken in the same spot.
With the "Historic New Orleans" app, you can:

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  • Find over 350 historical photos based on your location

  • Browse the photoset and zoom in for details

  • Share the photos via email ,Facebook, or Twitter

  • Learn more by viewing each photo’s record in The Historic New Orleans Collection’s online catalogue

  • Use the augmented reality Guide Me! function to find the site of each historic photo

  • Use the augmented reality Guide Me! function and your phone’s camera to superimpose the historic view upon the present-day view, blend them together, and create an image that can be saved and emailed to friends

All photos are from The Charles L. Franck Studio Collection at The Historic New Orleans Collection. Charles L. Franck (1877–1965) was a commercial photographer in New Orleans; his studio was purchased in 1955 by Albert Bertacci (1935–2005). Tens of thousands of photographs and negatives from the Franck and Franck-Bertacci studios, held at The Historic New Orleans Collection, chronicle the face and growth of Louisiana, and New Orleans in particular, during the 20th century.

Available for free at the iTunes App Store
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